Colt Starting

From groundwork to backing, Outlander Equestrian offers a variety of colt breaking services. Our team boasts more than four decades of combined experience working with young horses, which gives us the ability to adapt our approach to the particular needs of each young horse. Our goal is to provide a positive and structured foundation in which further training can be applied.

Services include:

  • Groundwork
  • Lunging
  • Desensitizing
  • Longlining and Ground driving
  • Bridling and Saddling
  • Backing
Problem Solving

Every horse is a gem, but sometimes even the best horses lose their shine. Outlander Equestrian’s fresh perspective and a common-sense approach offers new solutions to help address and resolve problem areas that are prohibiting you and your horse from achieving your goals. In addition, Outlander Equestrian works with a variety of top equine health professionals when it is necessary to determine if a behavioral issue is a reflection of an underlying physical problem.

Outlander Equestrian’s goal is to not only provide a solution to the unwanted behavior, but to also educate the owner, rider, and/or handler on the methods that were used to overcome the issue. This knowledge transfer allows the owner to reinforce the training in the days, weeks, and months following the training sessions, and gives the owner tools to prevent a relapse in the unwanted behavior.

Possible issues:

  • Difficulties with leading and basic groundwork
  • Unwanted or Agressive behavior during lunging, bridling, saddling or mounting
  • Bucking or rearing under saddle
  • Pushy or non-responsive behavior
  • Spooking
General Training

Outlander Equestrian offers training to horses of all ages, breed, and levels. Silke Wiersma is a certified IGEQ (International Group of Equestrian Qualifications) Trainer, and earned an IELTS Certificate in English language. We work with the client to identify specific desired goals, and create a structured yet flexible plan based on the particularities with each horse. Training is available onsite at the client’s facility, or as an all-inclusive training and board package at our location. Instruction can be given in Dutch and English.


Outlander Equestrian specializes in the sales of PRE horses with the movement, breeding, and character to excel in competitive dressage. Through extensive searching throughout Spain, we have selected interesting and exciting young prospects to offer for sale. All horses are confirmed piro-negative and eligible for export worldwide. All horses have been confirmed clinically sound and x-rays are available. Please visit Our Horses to see a selection of some of the horses currently available for sale.