Our Horses

The horses of Outlander Equestrian have been carefully selected based on their athleticism, movement, character, conformation, and breeding. We have hand picked horses that not only have the potential for a successful career in sport, but also have the disposition that will allow them to become true partners for both the professional or amateur equestrian.

Our approach to starting our young horses helps develop their raw talent into a healthy and happy athlete. We use natural horsemanship groundwork techniques combined with a more traditional dressage approach to begin under saddle. As soon as the horse is able to walk, trot, and canter under saddle, we spend a significant amount of time outside of the arena hacking out in the forest and beach. This approach allows the horse to learn the basics slowly and naturally in a real-world environment. In turn, the horse learns to trust the rider, and becomes a relaxed, happy, and enthusiastic riding partner.