About Us

Outlander Equestrian is a joint equine training and sales business owned and operated by Silke Wiersma and Katie Hill. Our training philosophy centers around the core belief that a holistic approach to training is essential is developing an equine partner who is healthy both in the mind and body. We utilize a common-sense and practical approach developed through years of experience working with a wide variety of horses of all breeds, character type, ages, training level, and riding disciplines. We strongly believe that work outside the walls of the arena is a crucial aspect to developing a happy and healthy horse. Balancing arena work sessions with ‘beyond the arena’ activities such as hacking out in the forest or at the beach, ground driving, or simply going for a walk in-hand allows us to incorporate real-life, real-time desensitization sessions into our daily work. We strive to develop a safe, confident, and happy equine partner that the owner and rider can truly enjoy.

Our Team

Silke Wiersma


Imagine a four year old girl sitting on the back of a couch, watching Anky van Grunsven and her horse Bonfire compete at the Olympics, pretending to be her. Yes, that girl was Silke. Four years old with a wish to dance with a horse just like Anky.

At the age of six and completely horse crazy, Silke rode a pony for the first time. She fell off over and over, but she never gave up on her love of horses. She spent years learning to ride at a riding school, simply happy to have the opportunity to ride in group dressage lessons twice a week. Eventually Silke added a jumping lesson to her weekly riding schedule. All of her free time was spent with horses.

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Silke & Catwalk

Silke never thought about actually turning her riding hobby into a career. Her initial plans to become a veterinarian came to a screeching halt when she discovered that she could attend an equestrian-focused college instead. She was accepted to study at NHB Deurne, which happened to be the equestrian college in the Netherlands. During her four years at Deurne, Silke received education that included every aspect of horses and their care. While at school, she worked as an intern at a variety of stables all over the Netherlands – from show jumping stables to dressage stables.

Silke’s first horse was a chestnut KWPN mare by Valdez. Her name was Catwalk and she was a total diva, stealing the show wherever she went. Together they won many dressage competitions and made it all the way to the Z1 (third level).

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Silke & Waletto

During Silke’s last year at Deurne, she fell in love with and purchased one of the school horses, Waletto (x Concorde). ‘Wallie’ was one of the horses that the school used to help teach general horse care, and he was the sweetest and weirdest horse she had ever met. Since Catwalk had a minor injury during Silke’s last year of school, she was allowed to ride Wallie to complete her studies. She quickly fell in love with him, and together they enjoyed jumping, trail riding, and even some dressage.

After graduating from Deurne, Silke immediately started working at a riding school. She taught group jumping and dressage lessons as well as private lessons. Working at the riding school allowed Silke to teach riders of wide variety of ages, from young children to adults, as well as a variety of experience levels. She also had the opportunity to start several young horses at the stable, which is something that she discovered she not only has a talent for, but is also something she really enjoyed. Since then, she has spent time riding horses for different people, horses of all levels and ages, and breeds.

Silke began riding Katie’s PRE (pura raza española) mare, Verbena Z, shortly after she was imported from Spain in 2016. She immediately fell in love with the amazing character of the Spanish horses, and is currently competing with Verbena in dressage.

Katie Hill

Groundwork & Rider

Originally from Sandy, Oregon, Katie Hill basically grew up in a western saddle. Katie’s family always had a horse or two in the backyard, and she was horse crazy for as long as she can remember. At the age of 8, Katie began competing in 4-H with her horse Apache in western, trail, and showmanship events. When Katie was 12, she convinced her parents to purchase a yearling for her to train – a Morgan/Arabian cross named Star. After having great success first in ground training classes and then eventually in riding classes with Star, several additional foals followed. This early experience of working with foals kicked off Katie’s life-long passion for raising and training young horses.

A self-professed “jack of all trades”, Katie has dabbled in a wide variety of equestrian-related activities throughout her life, most of which were self-taught. For example, on a whim Katie decided to train her American Paint Horse gelding, Charlie, to pull a cart. She purchased a book and a VHS tape, and within a few months Charlie was a fully-broke driving horse. This quickly evolved to purchasing two draft horses, a custom vis-à-vis carriage, and a new business developed – offering luxurious carriage rides for weddings and special events.

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Katie & Rex at Fort Vancouver, Washington

A few years later, Katie fell in love with PRE (pura raza española) horses, and bought a stunning then 2-year-old bay stallion named Kamiakin. A few quality mares followed, and in a short time Katie was breeding PRE horses for competitive dressage.

In 2012, Katie and her family relocated to The Netherlands. Her stallion, Kamiakin, went to live with now co-owner and trainer Susan Treabess. Susan and Kamiakin qualified for and competed at the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France, representing the United States in paradressage. Kamiakin was also awarded the 2014 IALHA Horse of the Year, among many other awards. Kamiakin is currently competing at I1 on the open dressage circuit in California, and is schooling all of the Grand Prix . Kamiakin is available at stud.

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Kamiakin, Susan Treabess & Katie

Prior to moving to Holland, Katie began studying to become a saddler with master saddler Hans Biglajzer. She briefly owned and operated a small repairs and sales shop in Oregon, and hopes to further her studies in the future.

Katie imported Verbena Z, a 2011 PRE mare, from Spain to the Netherlands in 2016. Verbena had a foal in April 2019, and Katie is enjoying riding Verbena in the Amsterdamse Bos when she is not training with Silke. Katie lives in Haarlem with her husband, Scott, and two children, Clara and Lane.