Verbena Z

2011 PRE Mare

Farolero XXX x Esplendida XLVII (x Vinatero III)
  • Color: Bay
  • Registry: ANCCE
  • Global Genetic Index Score (IGG): 105,6
  • Height: 168cm/16.2hh
  • Level: 3rd /4th Level / Z2
  • Available: Inquiries welcome

Verbena Z is a 2011, 16.2hh bay PRE mare. Verbena’s pedigree speaks for itself – she was destined to be a top dressage competitor. She is linebred to the renowned Miura stallion Vinatero III. Vinatero III is regarded as one of (if not the best) bullfighting stallion in history, and is the sire of Faraon XXIV (foundation stallion of the Escalera stud). Verbena shares her famous grandsire’s exceptional athleticism, and is proving to be an exciting competition horse.

After taking a year off to have her first foal, Verbena is back in training and currently competing at the Z2 (3rd level) in Holland, and is showing great aptitude for advanced work.

Piro negative, clinically sound and healthy.

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Verbena Z      
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